Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Jetlagging Through the Afternoons

Thanks to jet lag, I am sleeping for 12 hours every day! I will explain why. By the time, it is 4 pm, jet lag sets in. By 6, I am literally the walking dead. And you know, how I give in easily. So, I sleep by 7. Then, I wake up at an ungodly hour to eat. My stomach clock is better than all this time zone body clock nonsense. Simply put, irrespective of the situation, I wake up when I am hungry. So, I fix myself a quick bite and then remind myself, that I should be asleep when it is night time here. So, I (force myself to) sleep again and happily wake up next morning at 7. See, 12 hours! I figured you would say that some things never change. 12 hours here and 12 hours there. I just have a better excuse now. :)

Yesterday, went on a business lunch to a Korean place. Went to this place called Genwa in Koreatown. Oh not to forget, I am living in Koreatown. Sounds cooler if I say Wilshire Boulevard, right? :D Going back to the business lunch. So, they serve about 20 kinds of appetizers (sea weed, squid, fish cakes, braised beef, more fishy things and a whole lot of veggie things). But ofcourse, chopsticks were the order of the day. My one week in Japan and two dinners at home were not ample practice. But I am a brave soul. So I picked up the chopsticks and the bowl of fish cake, snapped those two sticks around the fish cake and almost ate it. Inches away from my mouth, it obviously fell off. So close! I did manage some food before I ordered for a fork. :) Ordered chicken bibimbap for main course. Though Korean, a fellow brethren from the Bong land might have had a hand in creating this dish. So much rice! So, its rice, veggies, chicken and a very spicy sauce - all mixed together in a hot plate. Portions here are huge. Shubha says people eat half and takeaway half. Maybe that's what I should have done instead of eating all of it. Imagine jet lag and a plate full of rice and meetings all afternoon. By the time I reached the hotel, I almost passed out. 

I finally have a number. A prepaid one. I have the Rupee syndrome and I guess it will stay for a while. The moment anyone tells me the dollar amount for anything, I mentally convert it to INR. And then feel very uneasy about the price! Anyway, Ma's missing you mail had to be addressed. First call was to mommy dearest. :) 

I have been warned to not venture out alone once it is dark. Last I heard this warning, it was good old Delhi. And before that, the dark ages in Patna. Who would have thought that LA and Patna will strike a note on such levels. :-/ Not very pleased about it. 

It is almost 9 and I am not out cold. Maybe the jet lag is on its way out. 

American ads don't even come close to Indian ads, when it comes to creativity. And warmth.

Work has started already. Quite the lost lamb here. At 5 feet and nothing, it is a little difficult to be taken seriously. Trying nonetheless. People are kind. Will take a little time to smile at strangers and throw in a how are you doing. We don't do that in India.

I miss Savdhaan India. 

Must stop writing now. Too much information alert!


Tamanna said...

Hey you! I am loving the "transition" posts.. And it's LA! While it's weird to know it strikes a chord with Patna (although at least we can say it wasn't JUST Patna hmph), change is always such a wonderful thing. Cliched as it may sound, the chopstick and other such experiences of starting from scratch - in hindsight it all feels awesome. Sometimes you don't even need the hindsight!

Knowing you, you're going to make the most of it. So I won't even go there. Make Patna proud, ok? Cheers :)

Sanchita Upadhyay said...

You my lovely friend need to practice what you preach - Chill karo !!! :) Give it time till you love your new life. In the interim, India Ops misses you :)

Suravi Shome said...

Hey Tam! Yeah I am banking on change is a wonderful thing. Everyone says first week is the toughest. So counting down to it. :) Posts should get less nostalgic and more fun eventually. :) Baaki will message. Take care you :)

Suravi Shome said...

Sanch - Between work and jetlag, no time to chill only! I am literally passing out everyday. :D Like you said, giving it time. Work killing you yet? :)

Shivali Khurana said...

Even your transition reads like fun!! I can relate to every single line in there... How long are u
Here for .