Thursday, May 15, 2014

French Songs and Happy Days!

French songs. I don't know why, but the moment I listen to them, in my head, I am sipping wine in a picturesque old house in Tuscany (yes Tuscany, and not Paris). With a book ofcourse. Does it happen to you too? And this is not limited to the happy songs. I mean, really, I wouldn't have a clue what the song is about. I did take French classes in my MBA and my last class viva was seriously not funny. Friends cried because they couldn't laugh anymore and the teacher cried out of despair. Anyway, what I was saying is that even the sad ones sound perfectly happy or at the least, romantic. Try listening to 'Chanson pour l'auvergnat'. Such a happy vibe, while all the time Georges Brassens is paying tribute to those who stood by him in his greatest humiliation. These songs also remind me of the train journey from Amsterdam to Paris. The train had the nicest radio channels and we were finally sober enough to recognize sounds and visuals. Those special cakes in Amsterdam should come with five levels of warnings! For people like us, who take nothing seriously. Before I digress, that's when I heard a whole lot of French music and realized its a pretty cool way to get your happy on. :) The playlist I am listening to right now - 

Do you have days when you think you can do anything? When your head is full of plans and you actually sit with a pen and a paper and stitch a plan out of those plans? I vacillate between such days and the exact opposite ones. Days when I can't count one good thing I can smile about. And then, there are days like today. When the blinding sun seems alright. I think I should be able to do a few laps in the pool today, without drowning somewhere mid way. Also, today would be a very good day to firm up July travel plans. Air around me feels optimistic enough for me to go ahead and book tickets. While the bank account is bordering on pessimism. I probably am the banker's daughter of the worst kind. While the entire family would ace personal accounting without batting an eyelid, I struggle to figure where the last 100 in my wallet was spent. Its just never there! Friends console that maybe if I earn in a different currency, things might start looking up. While I think, if I am clueless about spending 100 dollars instead of 100 rupees, that should spell serious trouble! 

Oh right, did I say that I learned swimming this year? While it has had a constant number one rating on my resolutions list, 2014 would be the year when I can probably check it off the list. Probably, because at 30 something, you generally tend to become a slow learner. So, now I can breathe outside water while doing a breast stroke (or something like it), but I still look like a dog splashing in the pool. I am only a shade better off than the guy who thinks he is doing freestyle, but he is not. No one really knows what he is doing, but it sure is blinding, thanks to the amount of water he splashes on everyone. So, let's see how that goes for the next few months. That I can float and not sink in water is still a big achievement. Really big! By the way, S learned swimming in 4 days. No wait, I think 2. I don't have words to express how I feel about that. Really. 

I like to end with a good footnote. Rather, a wise one. Like pay your credit card bills. Or do yoga. This time like the video says, the words of wisdom are 'look up'. In five minutes, this guy just summarized everything that is wrong in today's world. A world where no one looks up. A world where you know your days are numbered; yet you have no qualms over wasting minutes and hours and days fretting over things not worth fretting over. A world of a thousand friends; yet you struggle to think of five names who would stand by you day or night. So, stop stalking. Start talking. :)


Ruchika said...

Could so much relate to this & yeah a great realization :P..."While I think, if I am clueless about spending 100 dollars instead of 100 rupees, that should spell serious trouble!"

+ thanks for sharing the video "LOOK UP"

Suravi Shome said...

Thanks Ruchika :D And the realization is an important one! How money disappears from my wallet is akin to a magic trick. :P