Friday, December 23, 2011

Winds of Change

Disclaimer - The post written below is a figment of my overactive imagination. Or is it? Pinch me! :P

Miracles happen on Christmas and Santa is for real. :) He didn't wriggle down my chimney in his red and white suit. And there were no gifts wrapped in sparkly paper under the christmas tree or in my socks. (Alright..agreed...we haven't put up a christmas tree..and the socks need some washing. They don't smell so good! :P ) But yes, miracles do happen and am full of Christmas joy! :)

Did I tell you that my job sucks a little bit. Makes me feel like Dilbert. I know there's a little bit of him in every one who goes to work. But I am Dilbert, because my boss is the pointy haired dude (better known as PHB) in that comic strip! All I need to do now is get a Dogbert or Catbert to talk to and take advice from. :P

So my version of PHB and his sidekick is what Scott Adams actually writes about. Someone once said about PHB - that it is amazing how much a single person can be hated! :P And hated he is! Comes naturally to most people. Endearing as his traits are - screaming till one can see his tonsils *yuck*...saying some sweet things behind your back *sarcasm*..and his depth of knowledge could barely fill a teaspoon!

So this miracle I was talking about. PHB and sidekick are leaving! Just when we had given up and started drafting our resumes all over again. :) Christmas came a little early this year. :) I'll be keeping some cookies and warm milk out for Santa this Sunday. And for today, bring on the beer and the good spirits! I am on a high anyway! :D Wooohooooo!

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