Thursday, December 15, 2011

Subject Lines are the toughest!

Generally happy. A day spent pretending to work. No, some days I actually work! Some hilarious conversations at work. Not intentionally hilarious, but you know..the ones which trigger a grin in your head. One which keeps growing till you  -
a) Pretend to take an important phone call and run out importantly.
b) Practice self control till your stomach hurts with the urge to laugh. Then, go to (a).
c) Enact a coughing fit. That does not turn out very well though. You need a lot of practice for this one.

The misery that my job is! I can only make jokes about it. Some sensible folks might ummmm try 'changing' it. I assure you I have taken definite steps towards it. :P I am going to the gym regularly (I skipped yesterday only because Sunshine was sick. It was a question of life and death!). I am cooking almost everyday...healthy food mind you. I am reading too. And blogging. \m/. Now that life has a routine, I shall smoothly insert the task 'Make your resume' into it. See what I was getting at! :D Just when you thought I couldn't be more random!

More than one person has told me - Start traveling for a living. Duh! Will you adopt me while I travel for a living. WILL YOU! (I like the idea though :P)

Divs cracked Booth! More happiness.

Motu is expecting! Hapiness unlimited! :D

Friends and the smiles they bring. In fleeting thoughts and over long distance calls. In the warm greetings when you get back home and the merciless jokes that you are the butt of. In pranks and good humor. In mistakes and stupidities. In a not so perfect life, they are like the sun behind the clouds.


Soumaya said...

Bana hi lo resume abhi :-)

Amit said...

Make the CV and get a job in Bombay

Anonymous said...

All the Best!

factsandnonsense said...

nice post again.

Suravi said...

Yes CV is on the way :) And thanks! :)