Friday, December 23, 2011

Winds of Change

Disclaimer - The post written below is a figment of my overactive imagination. Or is it? Pinch me! :P

Miracles happen on Christmas and Santa is for real. :) He didn't wriggle down my chimney in his red and white suit. And there were no gifts wrapped in sparkly paper under the christmas tree or in my socks. (Alright..agreed...we haven't put up a christmas tree..and the socks need some washing. They don't smell so good! :P ) But yes, miracles do happen and am full of Christmas joy! :)

Did I tell you that my job sucks a little bit. Makes me feel like Dilbert. I know there's a little bit of him in every one who goes to work. But I am Dilbert, because my boss is the pointy haired dude (better known as PHB) in that comic strip! All I need to do now is get a Dogbert or Catbert to talk to and take advice from. :P

So my version of PHB and his sidekick is what Scott Adams actually writes about. Someone once said about PHB - that it is amazing how much a single person can be hated! :P And hated he is! Comes naturally to most people. Endearing as his traits are - screaming till one can see his tonsils *yuck*...saying some sweet things behind your back *sarcasm*..and his depth of knowledge could barely fill a teaspoon!

So this miracle I was talking about. PHB and sidekick are leaving! Just when we had given up and started drafting our resumes all over again. :) Christmas came a little early this year. :) I'll be keeping some cookies and warm milk out for Santa this Sunday. And for today, bring on the beer and the good spirits! I am on a high anyway! :D Wooohooooo!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Subject Lines are the toughest!

Generally happy. A day spent pretending to work. No, some days I actually work! Some hilarious conversations at work. Not intentionally hilarious, but you know..the ones which trigger a grin in your head. One which keeps growing till you  -
a) Pretend to take an important phone call and run out importantly.
b) Practice self control till your stomach hurts with the urge to laugh. Then, go to (a).
c) Enact a coughing fit. That does not turn out very well though. You need a lot of practice for this one.

The misery that my job is! I can only make jokes about it. Some sensible folks might ummmm try 'changing' it. I assure you I have taken definite steps towards it. :P I am going to the gym regularly (I skipped yesterday only because Sunshine was sick. It was a question of life and death!). I am cooking almost everyday...healthy food mind you. I am reading too. And blogging. \m/. Now that life has a routine, I shall smoothly insert the task 'Make your resume' into it. See what I was getting at! :D Just when you thought I couldn't be more random!

More than one person has told me - Start traveling for a living. Duh! Will you adopt me while I travel for a living. WILL YOU! (I like the idea though :P)

Divs cracked Booth! More happiness.

Motu is expecting! Hapiness unlimited! :D

Friends and the smiles they bring. In fleeting thoughts and over long distance calls. In the warm greetings when you get back home and the merciless jokes that you are the butt of. In pranks and good humor. In mistakes and stupidities. In a not so perfect life, they are like the sun behind the clouds.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gym Diaries and other mundane things

Hero Hiralal. That's what I call my new gym instructor. In my head (obviously!). I have been in Chennai for more than one and a half years now. My definitions of 'Hot' has changed slowly and surely. Weather wise and otherwise, if you know what I mean. :D So, Hero is this hot, bicep (and tricep) bulging piece of eye candy who moves around the gym flexing his muscles everytime he crosses a mirror or the opposite gender. Now, I love this city absolutely, but the crowd here does not make you turn around. Not even once with a quarterly frequency! So, Mr. Hiralal is the cynosure of many eyes including mine, and probably the only incentive to run like the wind and reach nowhere on a darned treadmill. That was the story till Day 3. Day 4 had me escorted by a certain very brotherly and dictatorial Mr. Thomson who apparently would be taking care of pumping strength in my poor right hand. Such is life! The grapes are sour and I think Hero Hira is a little gay. :P

My laptop breathed its last a couple of months back. My Eurotrip has put me in a very European recession (Btw, it was awesome and totally worth the current poverty :D). You are free to bail me out. Just drop me a message and irresepctive of what the message is, I shall send back my account number. ;) So, I am detoxing from all the incessant social networking and wedding albums and honeymoon albums and what not. Missed the blogging though.

Am a big Potter fan. I completed the seventh book in a day. I know many kids will say..So what! But, me finishing a book as fat as that in a day is a big deal. The only other book with that good a health that I completed was 'A Suitable Boy'. And I don't even want to tell you how long I took! Anyway, that's not the point. Infact, there is no point I am trying to make here. I just want to own a magic wand. A wand which abides my spells. When you're really close to being 30 and you're a little over a decade away from 40 and you are still full of bucketlists, wishlists and dreams...some days you do feel like owning a magic wand.

Needless to say, never stop dreaming. It's the blueprint of how you want to lead your life. My dreams. There are so many. Big and small. To swim in an ocean without the fear of death or depth. To travel to places unheard of. To write a book about my view of these places. To own a home with a big garden, because that's what Ma always wanted. To be able to complete a half marathon (and maybe the full one too) without passing out. To own a cute Labrador pup who grows up and cures my fear of dogs. To teach. Because that's in my genes and that makes me a little bit like Ma. :) To study history. To make musical sense out of my guitar. Like I said, its a blueprint. Maybe I will do all of these, maybe I won't. But if you don't dream, you got nothing to build on.

Like Rowling said -
'As is a tale, so is life: not how long it is, but how good it is, is what matters.'