Wednesday, May 18, 2011


A mug of beer is good for processing your thoughts. It provides clarity.
If you're still reading the book you were reading three months back, either the book is trash or you ain't a reader.
When you dance like no one's watching, that's freedom. If you haven't done it yet, you don't know it yet.
If you have a long bucket list, its a good thing.
If you have a long bucket list, but you are spending day after day doing nothing, that's a cause for concern.
If you haven't asked someone out yet, you still don't know what being nervous is.
To apologize and to actually mean it is tough.
To admit you are wrong is also in the same league of tough.
We get over everything. Time doesn't heal, it just makes your memory woozy.
Travel like the world is going to end tomorrow. You don't know what you're missing.
Keep notes. Of good memories. Age and memory are not on best of terms.
We'll never learn how to balance altruism and selfishness.
We'll never learn how to let go.
Complacence is a killer.
You're never too old to be a rebel.
Advice in sane doses is a good thing. Don't overdo it.
Two weeks to cover all that you want to see in Europe is insanely less.
Backpack with a map. Rugged travel is how I define cool.
Everyone is possessive. If you think you aren't, you just haven't found someone/thing you are that fond of.
Don't cheat. Because karma is a bitch. She'll get back at you.
Have atleast one vice. Being good is unbearable sometimes.
Money comes and goes. If it makes you happy, let it go.

We all have a defined line of thought. A set of rules we live by. Some are vocal like I am, and some keep it to themselves. I could keep adding to this list, but its mundane to keep dishing out obvious truths or my perception of the truth. At the end of the day, its simple maths. If the result is a lot of happiness with small lapses of misery, you did well. If not, find that mug of beer. Life's not complex, our view of it is a little skewed..that's all. 


Tamanna said...

I agree with all of it and I could have kissed you when I read the last line. Loved it :)

Suravi said...

@Tammy - :) we do think alike you know! Our blogs are a reminder of that :D

Anonymous said...

nthng new...but yea a different perspective!

Sanjana said...

I like this list :)

maniac.hunter said...

nice thots, i was actually marveling at the thot process involved

Suravi said...

@sanjana - :)
@maniac.hunter - Thanks a lot!

Aman Deshmukh said...

all of them are so true...!
Superb blog post.

Sonshu said...

Beautifully compiled facts. All of them, were just lovely! :)
Loved this post. The best post Ive read this week!

Gyanban said...

The contents and definition of the bucket list keeps changing, trouble is to make sure how we can be happy what the size of the bucket is.

Ambika said...

Rightly said that life isn't as complex as we make it out to be. Enjoyed reading this post!!

Hari Kumar said...

Really nice ...loved every line of it

Shashank Modi said...

Nicely written !..loved the flow

Achuthan Raman Chari said...

nice write up, loved the presentation in the last paragraph!

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Spaceman Spiff said...

Good one. :) Especially liked the one "Time doesn't heal, it makes your memory whoozy". :D

Suravi said...

@All - Thanks a ton! Makes me so happy that you guys are reading my posts and liking them! :-)