Sunday, February 27, 2011


As a kid, when I learned to use my limbs in a somewhat coordinated fashion, I chose my left hand as my errands hand. So I picked and threw things, doodled on walls, hid important stuff, dropped and broke some other important stuff, waved an awkward bye...all of it with my left hand. Back then, it was a frowned upon habit. Right now it is cool to be left-handed. Some say it is a sign of intelligence! Imagine how close I came to being an intelligent geek..sigh! the opportunities we miss in life! :D Ma forced right-handedness on me. The devoted kid that I am, I moved from left-handedness to ambidexterity to right-handedness :) The ease with which kids learn things..its quite amazing.

A couple of decades down the line (okay okay..add a few more years to that), am back to using my left hand for everything. I think it still nurses the hurt of being rejected years back, because it refuses to obey my commands! To think that your brain has control of your body! :( Slowly, now am moving towards ambidexterity again. Slow being the keyword here, to my utter frustration.

I thought infants do it all the time, how difficult can it be? Lie in bed. Eat food in bed. Vegetate day in and day out. Only to get up in times of necessity (okay, everything can't be infant-like u know!). Now I know how difficult...and if your kid is cranky and crying, its only because he can't walk out, soak up the sun and run into oblivion :P

Since TV is the only source of entertainment, I have started watching everything. Thank god for my appetite for movies, no matter how trashy they are. These national geographic kinda channels show walruses and snakes at an alarming frequency. Are they going extinct by any chance? I also caught an episode of elephant humping on one of these channels. I mean really...why in god's name should one be educated about how baby elephants are born! They should have an age rating for these channels! Very disturbing stuff. :-/ I finally saw Star Trek and liked it. Realized I can't watch Potter movies anymore. That hot men make movies watchable. That I can still watch Friends and go silly laughing over it (Can I be more addicted! :) ). There are too many dating shows with freaks in them. And its not funny. I actually know the story of one of those Star Plus serials. I rate it better than the dating shows. And last but definitely not the least, after spending so many hours watching the match yest (u and cricket..its a task!), the draw was UNFAIR! :(

Sunshine came back to Chennai (mental high-five :)). We had plans u know. To make up for all the time lost. Travelling..partying..sigh! All the planning went down the drain with one swift projectile landing on Patna station amidst Bihari cries of concern. Goa's on the cards though (\m/). I got parental approval too :P.

Enough now. Bed beckons. And some more TV. More trivia later.

Footnote - You value when u lose. Be it activity in a limb or a dear one. So be nice. To yourself and those around you.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Now and then

My sanity amidst all the insanity. My faith when all goes wrong. My one-stop shop for nonsense. My most brutal critics. My support system. My comfort. Sam and Divs. They define the person I am in more ways than I can describe. Divs' marriage was just another reminder of how much they mean. A decade went by in a blink. And still, in that blink of an eye, we all grew up. Saw the world. Met new people. Met some amazing people. We all moved on and still, we are the same people when we meet.

Enough mush! Here's to new beginnings and old-timers :) :*

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

But I have promises to keep

Its February already. Guess I am a tad late for resolutions, but I did start writing this post sometime in Jan. That does count for something eh? :) So here goes another long list of things I might not end up doing this year..or might just :)

I'll be good. Not the jerk you knew last year. :) Or before that. And by the end of it, if you still don't like me, maybe we are not the kind of people who would click ;)

I'll jog. On roads. Get that expensive pair of shoes which won't let my knees go bust. I'll plug in knopfler and shut everything out. And then I'll run. That one hour will be mine. Absolutely selfishly mine.

I'll be a little less blunt. Only a little, mind you. Apparently, people don't like it too much. Wonder why. Guess honesty IS a little overrated. If I were you, I would be betting my money against this resolution for sure.

I'll invent this shield (literal one) which can deflect all forms of pressure that comes with being single and on the wrong side of 25. As a forewarning, it might shoot you down if you come close with questions like 'So, when do you plan to settle down...2011..2012..2050?'. :-/ More realistically, I'll just curse you with my black tongue :D

I'll manage money better. Where does my paycheck go..really! One day I see this cool looking number and then like terrible dark magic, its just gone! :( So I am going to consciously save. Not for rainy days. But for my next resolution.

I'll travel. I have this entire wishlist of places. Independence is a good ingredient for one's travel plans. All I need to figure out is how to convince the company (I mean travelling company :))

I push people away. For no good reason. This year, I'll hold them close. You know that person who won't take calls for days and months and build this world-proof wall all around. And then stay within that isolation chamber for a long long time. That person is me. I wouldn't put up with myself when like that, no reason why anyone else should. :) So yeah, I'll call you next time I am down and out.

I'll judge a little less. Ummmm okay..scrap this one. How does one ever stop judging! People who claim they don't are lying piteously. I know I judge all the time. I judge people by their shoes, their sense of humour, their taste in alcohol (you are in my good books in case of scotch, beer and wine :P) and a zillion other things. Won't divulge too much. Don't want you in my head. :)

Stop being needy. Quoting straight from someone's blog - You know how dogs can sense fear? Well, we humans can sense neediness. Its okay to be alone. And its commendable to be comfortable with only yourself for company. Might not last too long, but one should try..I think.

Remember birthdays! Can't tell you how much I suck at it. Or maybe you do know. For the record, I am absolutely okay with you not wishing me on my birthday. :) But yes, I am going to try remembering yours. Even if I (or my call) don't make it to the phirang 00:00 am wish, sometime during the day you shall hear from me.

Procrastinate less. 

I could go on and on. And some more. We keep trying to change something or the other about ourselves. The new year just brings around an excuse to take stock. At the end of the day, there is only that much that we can change about ourselves consciously. Rest is all evolution. :)