Thursday, July 29, 2010


Its inexplicable. Sometimes,all of a sudden, the mood changes to an awful shade of black. For no reason or rhyme. Nothing seems right inspite of almost everything being just that. Right. Flaws become prominent. The niceties become elusive. I want to be that 5 year old who can throw a tantrum without being judged. You know..stomp his feet...scream his lungs out. Being an adult can be such a constraint at times. The instant cure known to mankind for such a state is chocolates, which I don't have access to. To be specific, Lindt 70% dark chocolate. And am nowhere close to it, considering am in Chennai and its post 1 am in the morning. So am just sitting around on the beanbag...listening to dire straits..shunning company..playing the anti social bit to perfection.
This state of being must have some deadline of sorts. A short one at that. A few more hours like this and I would want to drug myself to sleep!

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Tamanna said...

Of course you will get Lindt in Chennai. Go stand outside the airport and raid everyone you see :P

Hope you feeling better now! Bangalore aao!