Thursday, July 29, 2010


Its inexplicable. Sometimes,all of a sudden, the mood changes to an awful shade of black. For no reason or rhyme. Nothing seems right inspite of almost everything being just that. Right. Flaws become prominent. The niceties become elusive. I want to be that 5 year old who can throw a tantrum without being judged. You know..stomp his feet...scream his lungs out. Being an adult can be such a constraint at times. The instant cure known to mankind for such a state is chocolates, which I don't have access to. To be specific, Lindt 70% dark chocolate. And am nowhere close to it, considering am in Chennai and its post 1 am in the morning. So am just sitting around on the beanbag...listening to dire straits..shunning company..playing the anti social bit to perfection.
This state of being must have some deadline of sorts. A short one at that. A few more hours like this and I would want to drug myself to sleep!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wishin' n hopin'.... :)

हज़ारों ख्वाहिशें ऐसी कि हर ख्वाहिश पे दम निकले
बहुत निकले मेरे अरमान लेकिन फ़िर भी कम निकले

Mirza Ghalib said it in style. We are all dreamers to the core.As we grow up, our dreams also grow. Exponentially so. As a kid, all I wanted was a Dairy Milk from dad, bedtimes stories from ma and peace from dada. Since then, age has come in the way. The dreams have become bigger. Sometimes frivolous. Wishful. But they are still there.

I wish I looked forward to every day. No Monday blues and no never ending Thursdays (I think its the longest day of the week!). Wish that age was a constant. One should get to choose the number. That drool worthy food was extremely good healthwise. I wish love happened all the time. You know..that warm feeling that gets us grinning goofily while staring happily in space :). I wish that hot men were aplenty. And that they were nice too. That boredom wasn't something to be terrified of.

Wish that work didn't feel like work. That I was paid for every place I traveled to. And an extra bonus for the added fun and frolic. That distance was a problem I could resolve with genie-like capabilities. I wish that family stayed around...always. And so did friends. Like I said, we never stop wishing. Give me all of this and I shall come up with yet another big 'I wish' list. It all boils down to one thing. Happiness. Its a perspective. A way of looking at things. Wishes might or might not come true. Smile nevertheless. Maybe your smile is what someone wished for. :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Life happened. For the past two months. The usual you know. Changes small and big. My reticence to accept the new. My yearning for everything that was familiar and comfy. And so the silence. I talk when happy. I write when happy. My system shuts down when ruffled. No I haven't been moping. Was just taking my own sweet time to settle down in good ol' Chennai.

So now I am back. Missed the blogs. Realised they unclutter my mind. This new phase of life has a routine to it. Routine and I never got along too well. The two years prior to this were spent in the most unruly manner. I don't miss college as such..but yes.the omnipresent friends..the random plans at weird hours...the relentless pursuit of fun in many a strange ways. All that is sorely missed. I never let them know how much. Mush is not good for the image :). And since when has words been sufficient to convey anything! :P

Murphy's law states that the best laid plans go awry. When you really wish for something, it falls short of what you asked for. Maybe it wasn't Murphy...but some wise guy did come to this conclusion. Chennai was an exception. I wanted to come here (yes you read it right!). And the plan has played out to perfection. I am in the Tam's City of Joy. I stay with some very dear friends. Its not a flat, but a home I come back to. The city has not shown a day of bad weather, ever since I've touched base. And that my friend, in Chennai, is nothing short of a miracle. A month and a half of good weather! So all is well. And yet, I took almost a month to adjust to everything. Definite signs of being hopelessly spoilt :). For the truckload of patience that Sunshine is, truckload of lowe right back at you.

Am slowly and surely finding my way around here. Some things worth a mention -

  • Apparently here, there and where all sound like the same word in Tam. A friend did try to teach the intricacies involved - 'inge' is here and 'enge' is there. Actually I still don't know which is which and I have decided to use them interchangeably till I put myself in a fix. Till then, its 'inge stop' for all the auto walas to 'stop here'. :D
  • The Sun Direct (cable) customer care folks talk in Tamil even when one takes the option for English. So we end up having parallel conversations with both of us not making sense to each other. Conclusion is that cable recharge shall be done by anyone except me!
  • 'Teri ma' apparently means 'Do you know'. Now really man..up north these words are the who's who of Hindi abuses. So I'll take a while to smile and say 'illa' or whatever the word is for 'no' everytime someone asks 'Tamil teri ma' :)
  • Thou shalt buy vegetables from the local vendor only when the requirement is of potato, onion and other common things which people understand in English. Saying you want bhindi won't get you anywhere. Ofcourse, Reliance Fresh is my saviour most times.
  • Our bai talks only in Tamil and loves to talk. Irrespective of the target audience. :D Its pretty much a game of DumbC with both sides losing desperately. Its quite hilarious because mostly I am an observing and highly entertained third party (Roomie gets to play :P )
  • Every second Tam is called Srini. Every third one Bala. The frequency of these names is alarming to say the least. In one meeting, I had to address three Srinis. The communication gap was not my fault. :)
  • If you want to watch a Hindi/English movie in the weekend, you must book latest by Wednesday evening. Beyond that, make other plans for weekend.
There are a whole lot of other things which are different here. Some funny..some foreign. But am guessing that a person from here thrown in Delhi could throw up an equally long list of eccentricities. So what the hell...we all deal with change..I shall too. So here's a promise to post more often. Travel every month (this month Andaman on the cards :) ). Like the life I live (love is too strong a word :P). Keep in touch with all that matters. Remain sane. Yet retain the insanity that defines me. More later!