Thursday, March 11, 2010


I always thought of writing as a long term goal. You know how it is. Be profound. Write a book. Be a part of the elite 'lit' group. Glass of wine and some artsy discussions. The good life. :) I don't want to get up in the morning and think of clocking hours. Everyday. The thought depresses me. The irony is that am going to start working in a few months. Start clocking hours I mean. This post of mine has no line of thought. I finally have found free time for myself. It was an aberration for my two years of MBA. But here it is now. Twenty four jobless hours in a day. It is amazing. I have made a job out of killing time. And I could make a killing out of it. :P

For the uninitiated, here are a few pointers.

1. Sleep. Like it's a sport. And you're out to win the game! :) Let the divisions in a day become faint. There is no rule that says one should get up in the morning. Get up anytime. Eat. Sleep again.

2. Read. MBA took away my habit of reading. I begrudge the fact. Books are my first love. Alright, kidding. A close second after food. But still, books have always been dear. So am back to reading some good and some outright trashy books. What the heck..there is no phrase like 'wastage of time' in my Book of Phrases anymore! :)

3. Eat. Close your eyes and think food. The first thing that comes to your mind, order! The healthy routine should start once you start the unhealthy routine of going to work everyday. All is forgiven before that.

4. Channel surf. Some say TV is trash. I mean really! one forced you to get glued on to Rahul's swayamvar! I love TV. Period. I still watch stuff like Home Alone with utmost glee. I like the subtitles that come with most channels nowadays. I know decent bit of english but still, I like the subtitles. These Americans you know. Sometimes their slangs and accents are hard to catch. :P

5. Think. Now this is the best bit. Think back. Think forward. Preferably, stick to good thoughts. Thoughts that can make you smile while you are lounging on the bean bag and channel surfing (but not looking at anything in particular). I don't understand people who say live in the moment. Sometimes that might work. Most of the times that seems mundane. So I daydream. I do live in moments. Happy ones. Loved ones. Old ones. Ones which are only in my imagination.

6. Make mental checklists. You could also take the effort of putting that in writing. I am just so very lazy. So I make mental ones. Learn to swim. Learn the guitar. Go to Greece. Lose weight. Fall in love etc etc. Some easy ones. Some improbable ones. Doesn't hurt to think it though. :)

7. Roam around from room to room. Check phone for people to call, but don't call. Just check. Generally stare in space. Drink water. Open the fridge. Stare at the contents. You know. Be a zombie. Caution - Can drive people nuts. Kindly do this only when you're alone at home.

I could go on and on. Am getting better at this, as I write. Its an art and I am fast mastering it. MBA is done with, and I should be writing a sentimental post. For all the ones I befriended and loved. That's on my mental checklist. Goodbyes, am not good with. Its like a chore. So I'll take a while to bid adieu. Till then, I'll get wasted. Not in the colloquial sense of the word. I'll just read. Eat. Sleep. Think.


sonali said...

Its always exciting to read your blogs and to know what are you up to... so finally suravi is done with MBA!!.. as i was reading this one i could so imagine you doing all that! :) now i miss so much ... msg me ur contact number jaldi se.. will call you :) ... tata love you

yamini said...

like it :)

namratha said...

organizations are at least 50 percent waste - wasted people, wasted...And honey ... time well spent is not wasted :)

Sur said...

@kiddo - Thanks!
@Nams - Next time you crib about my sleeping hours, am going to quote you! :D :*

Tamanna Mishra said...

Brilliant this is... I have done ALL at some point of time. I love TV, I love subtitles, I love Rahul's swayamwar too!

How about talking. Endlessly. Disconnected. Just talk. It's such an awesome way to kill time I tell you!

Or make up PJs in your head. And laugh at them. Alone. You don't want to be dead before the holiday ends, do you?

And btw I have found a new way to kill time. CLEAN. Clothes, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, windows, balcony, CD shelf, cupboard, lofts. Whatever. Just pour water on the floor and have a blast. It's like your private jacuzzi/ beach party... Who need to be Vijay Mallya to do all this? Needless to add, things look much cleaner after you make a mess with water. Theory of relativity. And what an awesome achievement it feels like esp if you are just about beginning to feel bad about killing too much time :P

God I could write my own post in your comment box :P

Sur said...

@Tammy - ha ha..i was doing just that yesterday! Cleaning! New fetish..was dancing to some god awful number playing on some non descript channel on tv and wiping the floor :D Good fun it is! :P

Anuj said...

Nice one again !!
Keep writing re..
To use Pointers is the trademark of an engineer I wud say...!!
Nice way to take REST(Read Eat Sleep Think) :) :)!!

Sur said...

aha..REST..this i didn't think of! :)

Soumaya said...

'Books are my first love. Alright, kidding. A close second after food'.... ab thik hai :-)

Ravi Shekhar said...

I beg to differ from you that MBA was stopping you from most of these things. You know very well what was it :)

People sleep here missing all the classes and with no regret also. you can read your fav book in class also but dont get caught with it :)

I hope i am not revealing too many MBA class secrets.

Seems to be having pretty good time. Have fun and let the boundaries faints.

Sur said...

@Ravi - Bataye to, MBA is not the reason for dearth of time :)

Lydia said...

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