Saturday, December 19, 2009

Procrastination, my nemesis

Procrastination. My biggest enemy. My most well-disguised flaw. Or so I'd like to believe. Probably it is the first thing people notice about me. Maybe not. What people think is not important here. The problem is that I procrastinate. Everyday. Over small things. Over important things. It is not about work. Even for calling up that very dear friend of mine whom I've been thinking of everyday, I keep delaying it. My white board stares at me every morning. If it had a face, it would be smirking. A long list awaits, that needs to be struck off that board. But I procrastinate. There's work to be done, dear ones to be called, credit card bills to be paid, tickets to be booked...a whole future to be planned! And I sit in my bed, comfy in my comforter thinking random thoughts, writing such unnecessary blogs. It is not an unhappy state of being. But it is a pretty ugly albatross around my neck. New year brings new resolve. A willingness to turn a new leaf. But that's a good 10 days away. And here I go again! I procrastinate! :)


Aneesha said...

It is a happy state. That much I'd definitely agree with ;)

Anonymous said...

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