Monday, October 06, 2008

A Wednesday

I am impressed. Naseeruddin Shah’s dialogue at the end is worth a thought. A common man’s answer to terrorism (my apologies for plagiarism) - 

Aapke ghar mein cockroach aate hai to aap use paalte nahi, maarte hai. Main wo hoon jo aaj bus aur train mein baithne se darta hai. Main wo ho jo kaam par jata hai to uske biwi ko lagta hai jung pe ja raha hai. Main wo hoon jo kabhi barsaat mein phansta hai, kabhi blast mein. Main wo hoon jo kisi ke haath mein tasbeeh dekh ke shak karta hai aur main wo bhi hoon jo aaj kal daadi badhane se aur topi pehenne se ghabrata hai. Jhagda kisi ka bhi ho, bewajah marta main hi hoon. Bheed to dekhi hogi na aapne, bheed main se koi ek shakl chun lijiye, main wo hoon. I am just the stupid common man wanting to clean his house. 

Logo mein gussa bahut hai, unhe aazmana band kijiye. We are resilient by force, and not by choice. Galti hamari hai. Humlog bahut jaldi ‘used to’ ho jaate hai. Ek aisa haadsa hota hai to channel badal badal ke sara maazra dekh liya. Sms kiya, phone kiya, shukr manaya ki humlog bach gaye aur phir us situation se ladne ke bajaye hum uske saath adjust karma shuru kar dete hai. Par hamari bhi majboori hai, hamein ghar chalana hota hai. Isliye humne sarkar ko chuna hai, ki wo mulk chalaye. Aap log, sarkar, police force, intelligence saksham hai aise pest control ke liye, lekin aap log kar nahi rahe. Sirf sheh diye ja rahe hai. Why are you not nipping them in the bud? Ek aadmi gunehgaar hai ya nahi, ye saabit karne ke liye aapko dus saal lag jaate hai? Aapko ye nahi lagta hai ki ye aapki kabiliyat pe sawaal hai? This whole bloody system is flawed. Aap jaise log in keedo ka safaya nahi karenge, to hum logo ko jhaadu uthana padega. Shayad usse hamari is civilized society ka balance bigad jayega, lekin kya kare. Koi m******* button dabake mere liye ye faisla nahi karega ki mujhe kab marna hai.

Unhe fakr hai, 93 pe, 2006 pe, Gujrat, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Malegaon pe. Mujhe fakr hai khud pe ki main aise logo ko maar raha hoon. Main koi maseeha nahi hoon aur ye main sirf apne liye kar raha hoon. Main chahta hoon ki agar mera bachha ghar se baahar nikle, to bekhauff ghoome, kahi bhi, kabhi bhi, train mein, bus mein, kahi bhi. Jo train blast hue, wo sirf ek terrorist activity nahi the, bahut bade sawaal the. Aur wo sawaal ye tha ki bhai, hum to tumhe isi tarah maarenge, tum kya kar loge? Yes, they asked us this question on a Friday, repeated it on a Tuesday. I am just replying on a Wednesday.’ 

Bomb blasts have become a day to day activity. We change the channel when they show bodies lying in blood. ‘Ye tasveerein vichlit kar sakti hai’ – that’s the caption shown with these pictures. Haan, vichlit to karti hai, but just to the extent that we thank our lucky stars that we or our loved ones weren’t around to face the brunt. 

I think it was the day before, when we were in the car park of Select Citywalk, this huge mall in the heart of Delhi. So, Renj, her sis, her nephew Neil and I were walking towards the car. We saw this innocuous looking small pillow lying next to the driver’s seat, outside the car. The first thing that came to our minds was could this be a bomb. Some people might laugh at our paranoia, but the thought was a serious one. We actually contemplated on calling security, and on finding none around, we entered the car from the other side. Only when the car was reversed and nothing ripped us apart, we breathed a sigh of relief. That’s the kind of fear that has been inculcated in our minds. In some ways, the terrorists have been successful.

 The irony of it is that all I am doing is writing a blog and wondering what can I do. Its terrorism after all! Not a common man’s forte, to fight something as huge as terrorism. And then I saw the movie ‘A Wednesday’ and thought, that maybe…just maybe something can be done. Something should be done. The question is will we wait for someone we love, to die before we do something?