Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Photoshop I like!

This collage is Apu centric, because well.. this was supposed to be sent to her only. Anyway, turned out okay. Even Kinshu's distorted chin is lookin good :D

For the ignoramus, the people in the collage -
The most prevalent face - Apu (Apoorva Raje)
The fair one - Aaki (Aakriti Talwar)
The one with the long chin - Mr. Nice Guy (Kinshu Sinha)
The sleepy lady - Debu/Gunda (Devika Phumbhra)
Hazy guy in blue tshirt - Bhuti (Ankit Bhutani)
And there's me ofcourse. :)


apoorva said...

have never had such a special gift b4.. luv ya gal :)

in mr. nice guy's words.. u R a rockstar!!

Sur said...

Good you liked it baby..But I still suck at photoshop :(