Sunday, August 31, 2008

Not so bad afterall..! :)

Thoughts are always aplenty, but to actually take the effort to switch on the computer and type a post - the lazybum in me just refuses to oblige! Last I wrote was when Motu got married. Since then a LOT has changed! Just to name a few –
1. I am jobless
2. I am a poor-trying to make ends meet- B school student
3. My seven year long tryst with Pune ended
4. My journey in
Delhi began on 1st July
5. I am back in an overcrowded hostel, sharing bathrooms :(
6. I am in a co-ed college
The New life - 
1. There are seven people in the room I stay in. Yes, I kid you not – the number is 7!
The one thing I miss most is my flat in Pune. A room with a view, all to myself - where listening to Nirvana full blast on my Altec Lansing speakers at 3 in the morning is not sacrilege, where I could get up ANY time of the night and fix myself a snack, where I could indulge in cooking, where in-house parties with quality alcohol, people and pictionary was how we spent weekends and where the bathroom was blissfully well equipped, clean and always available. And now, the place I live in is Room 36/17/18, Old Hostel, IIFT. No, the college hasn't allotted three rooms to me. I am an 'add-on' to rooms 17 and 18. Seven people in one room, one shady bathroom, too close for any privacy – but I admit that I don’t hate it.   I enjoy being around people I like (not too sure whether its true the other way round :) ). A single room is just wishful thinking in this sarkari college. We do have fun, but there are days when solitude and peace seems so out of reach here.
 2. The one problem I can’t seem to solve is how to stay awake in lectures! Now when I was preparing for these B school exams, I thought classes here would be fun. Some Einstein like professor would be dishing out extremely interesting food for thought and students would be giving profound insights. Of course, I knew I would only listen. But mind you, I assumed I would be AWAKE. Day One IIFT Delhi – The professor starts talking and my inner battle with sleep begins in 5 minutes! One trimester down, and I have lost the battle fair and square. My sleeping prowess can only be challenged by Bhuti. Now if you knew him, you would know that that’s no mean feat. It’s amazing that the teachers haven’t thrown me out of class yet! 
3. I have learnt to play TT. I think I am good at it. I can serve, return serves and sometimes, by sheer pot luck, return smashes as well. :) The odd spin from time to time is never intentional, though I like Apu to believe otherwise. :P The TT table is of international standards. Tilted at some 5 odd degrees and with a huge rift in the centre – it’s truly pathetic! But still, we play with utmost reverence. :) Sometimes till 6 in the morning! I have relatively improved my game – initially the long one used to beat me 21-4/21-5 (u get the picture). Now, she beats me 21-16/21-17. Now, that’s definitely a lot of improvement. I mean I have actually played shots which she couldn’t reach! (She has verrry long hands). 
4. My friends and family are going to disown me (if they haven’t already).  Now now, don’t presume that this is because I am a vile person with not so endearing traits. I like to believe that I am ‘such a joy to be with’. :) To problem ye hai – 24 hours is too f***** less! There are so many things that take so much time that before one gets to know, its 2 in the morning. A very sane time for most of us, but for world outside a B-school, calls made at this time would mean a truckload of choicest abuses. To delve deeper into the problem, let’s look at the ‘so many things’ that take up our time.
a) Food at Dhaba
b) Special tea at dhaba
c) Coffee/chocolate fantasy in rockland
d) Dinner at Tanku’s
e) Talk/gossip/bakar
f)  Power naps
g) Batch meets/ seminars/ CRC (I hate them all!!) 
So, ideally finding time for loved ones shouldn’t be a problem. But still, days turned into weeks, weeks into months and months into a full trisem and I stayed cut off from the whole wide world! So this is a solemn oath – I shall not be the jerk that I’ve been and I shall not be subjected to so many abuses. :)
There’s so much more that I can write. I could write about my new friends in this new place -  but they don’t seem so new anymore. :) Writing about them would make this blog inordinately long. I could write about the 5’10 pact, but since it never was ratified – what’s the point! I could write about the insane jokes that crack us up at 4 in the morning, about the time Debu scared us out of our wits with tht cellphone of hers, about aaki’s killer one liners, about mr. nice guy’s not so nice PJs, about how Bhuti scares the living daylights out of me with just a look, about my 'leech like lowe' for Apu and a hundred other things. As I write all this, I realize that this ‘new life’ isn’t so bad afterall. For every hour that I’ve spent cribbing about this place, I have spent twice as much time loving it and the people in it. :) That ain’t a bad deal at all!