Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Best Friend's Wedding dearest lifeline from college absolute swthrt :) This one's for you.

I know this is super cliched, but seems like just a week back that I had gone for my college counselling in this college in Bombay...and sitting right next to me was this demure, silent girl...sitting with her brother...contemplating on what college to pick. I was the smartass...offering not so welcome advice..but she did take it and thats how we landed in the same college, and the same roommates. Although, god only knows why we picked an all girls' college...should've foreseen the repercussions!

People don't take a liking to me easily..nor did she..thought i talked too much...and was arrogant and weird [:)]. Opinions have changed since then [hopefully :)]...looking back, memories are still vivid...memories of every small bit of fun we had..every tear we shed...every word of encouragement...memories that make looking back into the past a pleasure.

Life's moved on since then..with its fair share of twists and turns. We don't realise how fast time flies by and then there are defining moments in life, which force us to realise that we aren't kids anymore. No, this ain't a philosophical, serious, mind churning blog [:)] . This is about my best friend's wedding...motu's the one guy who was always made for her. Filmy i sound, but at times even that makes sense :) .

It was the great Indian wedding in its truest sense. Everything was picture perfect...from the ambience, the people (mum and dad also made it and got truly inspired for my marriage[:)] ), the music and the food [how can i forget tht] ...

Motu was the perfect bride..don't know how but she had suddenly developed these innate bride like characteristics which amazed me thoroughly :D she would blush at the right times..wouldn't look up even if Osama himself would have decided to show up with a wedding gift as cute as a timebomb...she always smiled, mind you..never laughed..stayed for full 24 hours without spilling a drop of water on her mehndi covered hands and feet [ trust me ppl, thts really really tough!] and I could just go on and on [:)].
Gupta..the groom..the one guy who has a silly joke for every moment..who has this compulsion to flirt with every woman he meets [hehehe..sorry gupta..this had to be added]..and there he was..looking all responsible and serious..all geared up for a new life..yes, everything and everyone was different..but in a very nice way [:)]

I had been waiting for this day for quite long..and the sad part of it was that it just flew by..guess that's the thing with good memories..they whizz by and you are left craving for more.
Anyway, it all started with 'The Sangeet'. For a Bengali like me, marriages are very solemn nothing had prepared me for this..a complete cultural shock :D The rule says that the bride's best friend has to put up an 'item number'..and well, for that one moment, I wasn't quite cherishing my friendship with motu :( . Everyone there danced like they were born to do so..and amidst them, me..a person born with two left feet...a person who's better off doing head bangs at some rock show...I was asked to dance on 'Jhumka gira re' (some crazy remixed version of it actually)..ofcourse, there was the choreographer..Javed bhai...I had serious concerns that he'll pass out, coz within fifteen minutes of his tutoring..he had this zombie eyed look that how can one mess up such simple stuff...and to add to it, I had company on stage..Motu's younger cousin sister who dances like a dream...while there I was looking like a cross between a frog and a duck!

To cut the long story short...we did pull it off. I managed some jhatkas in true 'chhamiya' ishtyle :D and there were enough whistles and clapping..the reason for tht would be my dancing partner and just plain sympathy moral support :) . Our dance was followed by many others... 'Kajra re' rocked truly.. bhaiya n bhabhi gave an awesome performance with 'ude jab jab zulfein' and didi jijaji rocked the stage with 'Mahi ve'...but the highlight of the evening was a dance put up by the bride and the groom. Beyond brilliant it was..there they were dancing flawlessly, even though they hadn't practised together even once!

After that there was no stopping us...we all hit the dance floor and stayed there till the DJ gave up. I will truly be mortified if this part of the evening has been caught in the video recording! It was like singing in the know that no one's paying attention :).

Then came the much awaited day. I saw them sitting at the podium..with smiles that said a lot..glaring lights, innumerable pictures being taken of them with everyone around..and they were still completely unfazed..they had this look which said 'Mission accomplished' :P. It was an out-of-this-world feeling...I stared at them, it wasn't just another marriage where you pay all the attention to food and the hot men around. For once, I was looking at the bride and groom..they looked so perfect together.. [:)]

The 'pheras' followed after the dinner...I thought I am not capable of crying on such occasions...but we all did. We all listened to all that the pundit ji had to say...and I must give it to him for adding wisdom and humour to occasion. No one slept a wink through the night..and considering our extreme lack of sleep...that was quite an achievement. It was weird...I felt a strange sort of pride looking at motu n Gupta....couldn't quite understand why.

And then it was the last step..the last steps that a daughter officially takes and moves ahead to embrace a new family..a new life. I know..sounds too dramatic..but nothing can prepare you for it. Everyone cried...cried like babies..everyone hugged we won't ever see her again... I cried too...tears for god knows what reason... thank god I didn't go ahead and hug her..I would have bawled for sure! :D There it was...everything was done..done with perfection. All memories now.... I still can't believe she's married [ I think i'll be in denial till she has kids :)].. to me, she's still my crazy roommate from college.. my partner for endless cups of coffee and crazy conversations... she's that and a lot more..
Wishing you both an absolutely wonderful life!
Love ya... [:)]