Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Day at Work....

Hmmmm..thought I'll come up with something interesting..but sitting in office, interesting things fail to come to my mind. Its a state of 'No work and No play'...so u can guess how dull this can be!I wonder if there's anything known as job satisfaction. Must be there somewhere...this term can't be a fictitious one..but i seem to be way too far away from it. I hate to crib..and i don't like to be completely satisfied either..so,where does this leave me...probably midway between the extremes. But then again, if you are just moderately sad about your situation, can you get the drive to move ahead? Move ahead I say...but I don't know where am I headed...is money the drving force..would i trade better work for money...or would I be happier with something that interests me but pays less dividends...my mind says the latter is true..but who knows, I might just crib again that I can't indulge in worldly pleasures because of the measly job I have..I do agree that the mind is full of conflicts...and I need to make the call..the sooner the better:)
The company I work for...thousands of people work here...half of them have a job as meaningless as mine...spending their days in utilising a Microsoft production called Excel sheets..and still many don't complain. Is it strange that I do or is it the other way round! I do want to strive for a better goal..but defining that in itself is quite a task..a money grosser (and an oft treaded)path would be MBA..would I start liking my job then?who knows...I might just...never any harm in trying...coz stagnation is a killer...anything but that. Strange that this was not what i intended to write about...but thats what I am..strange:) I'll continue this...I can definitely write more about the part of life where I spend most of my days....will be back with more moronic details..till then..adios!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Here i go:)

Blogging... a much talked about term amongst all...and so i thought i'll give it a shot as well..check out what is it exactly like to put down what you think,for the whole world to know. Its strange that when you get down to really write something, thoughts completely evade you...I have been staring at this screen for quite some time..and it seriously is not helping. About me, there's not much that I'd like to say..sometimes sane..sometimes not so sane..love a genuine smile..hate hypocrisy..hate cliches but indulge in them inevitably(doesn't everyone?!)..live to eat..love my friends and folks...and I'll stop before this gets to you. Hope to come up with something more original soon enough..for the time being, I sign off!Adios....